June 7-8, 2018 CPO Class in Destin


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CPO Course- Location to be announced. Course will take place in Destin city limits

This 16 hour Certified Pool Operator (CPO)  class will be held in a conference room from 8am – 4pm on June 7-8, 2018.

Please bring a highlighter, calculator and pen or pencil to class….all other materials will be supplied by instructor.

Panama City Beach local, Wil Spivey, will be the instructor for this course. Wil has been teaching the CPO course for 7 years and has been involved in the field of Aquatics in the Florida panhandle his entire life. Perfect Pool Class CPO instructors specialize in helping students that are not accustomed to the classroom environment succeed in accomplishing the objectives of this course. CPO Class content is practical and efficient with emphasis on maintaining proper standard of care and reducing liability. Our aim is to help each and every CPO student understand to basics of proper pool management and safety.

We cover highlights from the CPO textbook in a fun and interactive manner. Students are given examples of problems they will encounter on final exam both in class and for homework. All practice problems will be reviewed in class and our instructor will ensure that each student is given every opportunity to succeed.

Whether you are completely new to swimming pool maintenance or have been in this field for years, our CPO class will ensure that you receive current standard of care information. By the end of this course, students will be equipped with the basic knowledge and tools necessary to provide a safe pool/spa environment. Maintaining the standard of care set forth by the National Swimming Pool Foundation is the cornerstone of this course. These methods will ensure compliance with the Model Aquatic Health Code established by the CDC and local Health Department regulations. Students will not know everything when they exit this  course…but they will know when there is a deviance from the standard and how to initially respond as well as where to look for solutions.